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Los Angeles Dodgers tickets

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a long baseball history that has drawn a particularly large amount of attention this 2007 season.  They began in Brooklyn, New York as the Brooklyn Dodgers before moving to Los Angeles before the 1958 season.  Just before this move, history occurred on the Brooklyn Dodgers team in 1947.  The first African-American to play for Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson, came to play for the Dodgers.  Today, it makes Los Angeles Dodgers fans very proud to be Los Angeles Dodgers ticket holders.  This was an event that would change history and in 2007, Major League Baseball including the Los Angels Dodgers and all other baseball teams celebrated the 60th Anniversary of this event.  The event was one that will forever be remembered in sports history.  Jackie Robinson will also always be remembered as an exceptional player, a fast runner and a great team player.  Robinson would also become a Hall of Fame player.

Purchase Los Angeles Dodgers tickets

LA Dodgers Tickets

A few years later, the Los Angeles Dodgers moved to California.  The field in New York was so old that they could barely sell out of Los Angeles Dodger tickets.  In 1958 the move was made and construction of Dodger Stadium was completed in the kick of time for Opening Day in 1962.  This picturesque ballpark is a beloved landmark to the people of Los Angeles to this day and Dodger Stadium tickets are not so hard to sell.

View LA Dodgers Schedule

This is especially true now that Los Angeles Dodger tickets holders are flocking to see the Dodger’s great bats in Juan Pierre and Nomar Garciaparra.  At the end of 2006, Los Angeles Dodger ticket holders were excited to see the Dodgers sweep their nemesis the San Francisco Giants in the last series of the season.  The historic rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants is over 100 years old and always keeps Dodger tickets in high demand.

LA Dodgers Ticket

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